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“Sarah’s energy, passion, and collaborative nature define her character. Her enthusiasm, expertise, and insights ignite collaborative dialogue when presenting in front of (and with) audiences. Leveraging the power of Storytelling, Sarah draws people into the conversation in an effort to ideate collectively and unearth actionable outcomes. Sarah’s assemblage leaves feeling educated and encouraged to push forward and achieve more – with practical takeaways.” - Pete Tseronis, Founder and CEO, Dots and Bridges LLC

"Another highlight of the first day of the conference was the talk by Sarah Moffat, the Lead for Education and Professional Development of HHS, whose topic was: "Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Insane."  

The key points of her presentation included that if we aren't getting results in security awareness training, doing the same thing is not likely to improve the situation. She shared a quote that defines insanity.  "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Sarah explained that we are "wired" for story - from way back in humanity's history.  Stories are what people remember far more than facts or "do and don't" lists.  She demonstrated this by first sharing a common security instruction about protecting data (I've already forgotten which one) and then telling a dramatic story about how a data breach put a patient's life at risk. The story involved a lady who was in a bad car accident. At the hospital she nearly received the wrong blood type (a potentially deadly mistake) because she had previously been the victim of medical identity theft and this had resulted in a change to her blood type in her medical records.  

As Sarah told the story, the audience was with her. We hung on her words and gasped as one at all the right times.  It was like our bodies and brains were in sync with Sarah..."- from Native Intelligence

Sample Articles and Presentations

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Insane, Sarah Moffat

Why Stories in Cybersecurity are Critical, Sarah Moffat

How Little Red Riding Hood was a Victim of Social Engineering, Sarah Moffat

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