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Below is a listing of my upcoming and past speaking engagements. Please click on the button below if you’d like to inquire about my availability for your upcoming event!

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Upcoming Events

June 22, 2020

Rockville, MD: Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association

Moderator & Program Chair, "Meeting the Need: Trainings That Rock"


June 25, 2020

Conference: Serious Play Conference

Featured Speaker,"Developing High Performing Leaders"

September 22, 2020

Conference: Infosec Inspire

Speaker, "Storytelling for Better Cybersecurity"


Recent Past Speaking Events

April 8, 2020

BrightTalk: Executive Women's Forum

Speaker, NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (link to listen)

March 12, 2020

Webinar: ACT-IAC Workforce Development Community of Interest

"Storytelling in Cybersecurity: How A Good Story Can Impact Business" (link to watch)

March 3, 2020 

Podcast: Re-Thinking The Human Factor (Podcast Guest)

Storytelling for Better Cybersecurity, Guest Sarah Moffat (link to listen)

​December 6, 2019 

Chantilly, VA: Virginia Women's Business Conference (Speaker)

"Modern Mentoring: Creating a Mastermind for Success"

October 20, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA:  Imagine Nation ELC 2019 (Speaker)
“From Pre-K to the Boardroom: How Stories of Cyber Impact Your Business”


September 16, 2019
Washington, DC:  Cybersecurity Summit (Keynote Speaker)
“Modern Mentoring in Cyber: Creating a Round Table as Legendary as King Arthur's”


September 12, 2019

Washington, DC: 2019 ATD Government Workforce: Learning Through Innovations Summit

"Workforce Development & Talent Management"

September 5, 2019

Washington, DC: Cyber Day on Capitol Hill (Speaker)

"Little Red Riding Hood: A Victim of Social Engineering"

August 20, 2019

Washington, DC: US Army "Back to School" event (Speaker)

"Self-Directed Learning to Take Your Career to the Next Level"

June 2019

New Cyber Frontier Podcast, Podcast Guest,

“Education and Leadership Development in Cybersecurity”

June 2019

Washington, DC, Federal Women in IT and Cybersecurity 2nd Annual Summit, Mistress of Ceremonies

May 2019

Washington, DC, Executive Women’s Forum Annual Symposium on Capitol Hill (Speaker)

“Women in Cyber: The Original Geeks”

April 2019

Washington, DC, WorkScoop (Guest/Interviewee)

"Why Government Work is Unlike Anything Else"

February 2019

Arlington, VA, Brazen’s Conversational Recruiting (Guest/Interviewee)

"How Talent Management can Partner with Technical Managers"

November 2018

Miami, FL, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Annual Conference, (Speaker)

“To Infinity and Beyond: Operationalizing Career Paths and Competency Models at HHS”

October 2018

Washington, DC, Safeguarding Health Information Conference (Panelist)

“Cybersecurity Education and Workforce Development in the Healthcare Sector”

October 2018

White Marsh, MD, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month at Social Security Administration, (Keynote Speaker)

“Making your Home a Safe Haven”

August 2018

San Antonio, TX, CyberTexas (Panelist) 

"I Want to be a Cybersecurity Professional When I Grow Up: How to Promote Cybersecurity Careers to K-12 Students."

June 2018

Manassas, VA, Serious Play Conference (Speaker)

“Modern Mentoring: Developing Your Round Table and Mission

March 2018

Washington, DC, Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association (Speaker)

“Why I think Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Insane (Awareness Training and Storytelling)”

March 2018

New York, NY, Ted® Talk, at TED Headquarters

“Modern Mentoring: How to Create a Round Table as Legendary as King Arthur’s”

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