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Power in the Heel

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Honestly time: how many items are in your #ToDoList? 20? 50? 100?

How in the world will you ever get them all done?

You won't.

Yesterday's tasks carry over into today, and some of yesterday's and today's will carry over into tomorrow so it's not really shocking that, on Friday at 4:30pm, you can barely lift your purses to commute home. And then, you've got the whole weekend — two whole days — to try to do it all, plus grocery shop for the week, meal prep, exercise, see your friends, go to your religious service, visit your mom, give the dog a bath, and go to Suzie's birthday party. And then - BAM - it's Monday again and... crap. That To Do list is looking like hell.

So how about this? What if instead of 20 things on your list, there were three? Just three majorly important things. Three tasks you absolutely have to get done each day. Do you feel like that's doable? Do you think you could for-real knock-out those three tasks?

You Totally Can.

And this, #LeadingLadies, is a success. This is what successful accomplishment feels like. It feels like, as Ethan Willis puts it, "the strategic discipline of focusing on less."

Ethan Willis is a best selling author and the owner of 10 multi-million dollar companies, so he knows what he's talking about. He explained that these broad, all-encompassing task lists are sort of like the footprint of an elephant: wide, broad, and shallow. When we're focused on too many tasks and priorities, we never make as deep or as impactful an impression as we really want to make.

BUT! If we were to focus our efforts like, say, the point of a stiletto heel, how deep and sharp of an imprint does that leave? That leave a deep, focused, sharp impact, doesn't it?

Practice the strategic discipline of focusing on less so that at the end of the day you know that you've given your all on three critical things, instead of 10% of yourself and your talents/energy/efforts to 20 things that are all half-assed-done.

Less is more. 20% of what you do gives you 80% of the success. 20% of your priorities are worth 80% of your bottom line. Focus hard and give your attention to that 20% and you will always hit your target.

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