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The Leadership Board

An online monthly membership + empowering community for entry-, mid-, and senior level leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Getting Real About Your Future

Getting ahead, moving-on-up, and gaining the impact and influence you deserve is pretty freakin' great. But it can also be exhausting and frustrating, and sometimes you feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

The fact is, you'll get there faster with support. 

Experts from Business Insider, Forbes, CareerMinds, CNN, and Harvard Business Review all echo the same truths about getting ahead in your career:

1) Coaching works

2) You need to have a great network

3) Surround yourself with a strong group of supporters

4) Be willing to put in the work 

The Leadership Board blends these truths together and offers you an encouraging and empowering place online for leadership development, growth, support, and coaching where you can work on yourself and stop spinning your wheels.


On-Demand Access...

The Leadership Board gives you access to...

> A leadership coach and two hours of live (and recorded) coaching calls every month

> Career development support through coaching, goal-setting, and access to an excellent network of strong, supportive, and successful female leaders

> Vetted resources and tools that *really work* and will help you position yourself for continued success

The Board will help you...

  • Continue your growth, mindset, and habits to keep getting healthier and happier (and build momentum and success!)

  • Become more productive and self-disciplined

  • Expand your influence and impact

  • Lead others and improve your relationships


DSC_5022-Edit (1).jpg

Meet Your Coach

Sarah Moffat


Sarah Moffat is your biggest supporter and she believes in you. That’s the bottom line. 

Over the last two years, Sarah's coached dozens of women who've experienced incredible successes... from $50k+ salary increases to phenomenal growth in confidence and influence. 

Each client has her own success story, and Sarah's primary mission to to help you discover and achieve yours — while experiencing real support from real experience. 

Sarah has, herself, been in the public and private sector for over 20 years and has worked her way up from entry-level secretary to CEO. She's been the only woman in the room many times and knows intimately the struggles and strategies needed to succeed in male-dominated worlds.

Sarah's also a goal-achieving guru and the master of managing her energy, schedule, and priorities. 

She is a single mom who works a full time government job, runs her successful company, and is the host of two podcasts.


In 2020 -- during a global pandemic, Sarah lead all of this while also getting her Master's degree and losing 100lbs.


Sarah's totally on your side, in your corner, and is going to be your #1 supporter, advocate, and coach. If you're ready to stop spinning and start moving, you're totally in the right place.


You’re Not Alone! You’ve Got a Board of Directors


More about Sarah:

  • Sarah has coached over 2 dozen clients in the last year – all of them achieving success in business, health, and professional development

  • Sarah has developed professional and leadership development courses that have served over 2,000 people

  • Sarah’s has a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Management and Leadership.

Don't Take Our Word For It! Hear from other #leadingladies...

Sharon Atteh-Chi.jpg

Sharon Atteh-Chi, President

"This last month has been not only emotionally moving, but life changing. Sarah you are a Master in provoking thought that can move me in the direction I want to go. Yes, I can manifest my wishes and goals. 


Alyssa Nelson, Practice Manager

"My leadership coach is a-mazing! Come join our Leadership Round Table! 
This monthly session keeps me invigorated and growing myself. As a leader we are very wrapped up in our teams, deliverables, and all too often we put ourselves on the back burner. Not anymore!"


Ciara Whitty, Cybersecurity Analyst

"Leading Ladies group coaching was the best decision I made in 2020. I am continuing the group sessions in 2021 because of how motivated I feel after them, the support I receive from the members, and best of Sarah being the most amazing coach ever. I highly recommend joining the Leadership Board. You will not be disappointed."

What Happens After I Sign Up?

Just like that, you're in! You'll be invited to the next Board Meeting (the 1st Friday of every month), and you'll also get full, unrestricted access to the "greatest hits" group coaching session, the ultimate Goal Setting workshop, and the Motivation Masterclass. The combination of these board meetings, coaching sessions, trainings, videos, and resources are going to help you build your skills, influence, impact, and leadership – regardless of your industry, career level, or career goals. Plus! You're going to be connected to an amazing group of driven, thriving women who are already on The Board. Here's what it looks like:


  • Monthly 90-minute Board Meeting with live coaching and training with Sarah Moffat every month -- recorded so you can enjoy the playback any time at your convenience

  • Monthly Q&A sessions with your coach and your leadership board to ask questions, share your challenges and opportunities, and more

    • Meet your own personal Board of Directors comprised on driven, supportive, incredible women to help, encourage, and advise you along your journey. We meet 2 or 3 times a month so you'll have plenty of chances to connect with these other leading ladies! 

  • Get immediate access to:

    • The incredible (and life-changing) 30-day Motivation Masterclass through Leading Ladies leadership portal online ($250 value)

    • The ultimate Goal Setting workshop ($279 value)

    • The Make It Happen daily digital journal to help you set your intention and goals daily ($10 value)

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