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Empowering Women. Inspiring Change.

Welcome to Leading Ladies — a community of women empowered to live in their purpose. Leading Ladies provides coaching, training, and shared resources for women who are creating a life they love. We help high achievers and high performers take their careers to the next level.







"I couldn't have done this without you! I'm going to keep at this coaching with you. It's been one of the BEST things I've done in my life."


—  R.B., Privacy Attorney

The Make It Happen 21-Day Journal

Start your day with clarity, focus, and intention with our incredible journal, designed with you in mind.   

Be generous. Get focused. Communicate clearly. Live boldly. 

Welcome to Leading Ladies! You'll receive your free download shortly!



You're doing well and then -- BAM -- something knocks you off track. What do you do next?


Are We There Yet?

We are filling more leadership roles, making better salaries, and changing history. But... are we there yet? 


Not One Of The Boys

Sarah shares advice about working in male-dominated industries.

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