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Sarah believes in the limitless potential of her clients. She supports individuals and organizations with coaching and professional development solutions to grow and develop empowered, authentic, and courageous leaders at all levels.


Sarah Moffat is an independent coach with a master's degree in Management and Leadership, a bachelor's degree in psychology, and years of experience coaching and mentoring women to their success. Sarah is committed to providing you with the coaching and support you need to discover a deeper understanding of where you are today and how to grow your leadership impact and authority.

Individual Coaching

Discover how to achieve your purpose, vision, and goals. We'll walk through a customized one-on-one program that will create a powerful plan for you to gain clarity. 

Work with Sarah to create the perfect coaching package for where you're at, right now. Maybe you just need a few sessions to help you get back on your path, maybe you're looking for executive-level coaching to prepare you for your next role... or maybe something in between. Let's talk to see what is going to help you be the best version of yourself.


What are the Key Benefits of Coaching?

Get Clarity in Your Purpose

Get clarity and focus that are vital to achieving goals and objectives that will change your life.

Become a More Influential Leader

Get the confidence, influence, and tools you need to break through your limitations, build skills, and inspire and empower others.

Get More Energy

Renew your energy, improve your mindset, and reach goals. Your coach will help you train your energy to achieve your goals.

Improve Your Relationships

Live courageously with strength, passion, and confidence and see how your relationships improve and evolve to bring you more life, love, and support.


High Performance

You’re ready to focus on your professional and personal goals -- ready to get things done and move beyond this point you're in. As you develop high performance skills, you’ll be able to take your life to a place that makes you feel proud, financially secure, and able to show up as your BEST SELF *every day.*



You’re ready to focus on your leadership skills - developing the influence, purpose, skill, and impact to drive your career forward. That’s exactly what we’ll do. As you develop your leadership skills, you’ll be able to feel confident about the next steps you want to take in your career. 


Motivation & Energy

We're in the midst of the greatest crisis of our lifetime. If this has thrown you for a loop, you're not alone. But you get to decide how you come out of this. Are you coming out of this in the basement, or the 50th floor? Motivation & Energy coaching will help you re-energize and re-motivate. Make the choice and take strategic action now.

Take Action — that's why you're here!

Get a free 30-minute strategy session. In just one powerful session you will:

  • Get clarity on your goals for the next year

  • Identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Create an action plan so you can achieve your goals/dreams


Do you want to settle for this life you're living? Or, do you want to live with energy, purpose, passion, and influence? If you are, you can start living that life today!

Schedule Your Free Session Today

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