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"Sarah held an inspiring coaching session for the Campus Management Marketing team this past summer. We asked if she could give us her mentoring TED talk and then spend about half an hour coaching our team. Wow. She was spectacular and gave us the opportunity not just to learn from her, but from one another. From personal mission statements to our team mission, we grew as an organization. We are still using some of the lessons we learned in this coaching session to collaborate and perform at a higher level." - Ashley Prince, Director of Corporate Communications, Campus Management

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Leading Ladies is for you. It's about you. Its about empowering you and lifting you up. Leading Ladies is committed to serving women who are pursing careers, building their businesses, or ascending the corporate ladder. We're empowering you, educating you, and engaging you to achieve your highest potential, and giving you the tools you need to be an authentic, transformational leader.

From leadership advice for women in male-dominated fields to travel advice, we're building resources to equip you for success. Leading Ladies is also committed to highlighting women who are thriving and successful. We've got incredible leadership and high performance coaches to guide you to your next level of achievement, and we're committed to you. 

Thanks for being part of this incredible community of like-minded, driven, compassionate, high-performing Leading Ladies. Welcome!

About Sarah Moffat

Sarah Moffat is a dynamic speaker and leadership coach. Sarah believes that every person has leadership abilities in them and her mission is to create an open space where all feel welcomed, safe, and empowered. Sarah inspires others to find their own voice and creativity, to pursue their passions, and to build a life and career that matters to them.
Sarah has a master's in management and leadership and a bachelors of science in psychology. She's provided career coaching to hundreds of people over the last 15 years. In addition to career coaching, Sarah has worked in learning and talent development, with a focus on information technology and cybersecurity, for over a decade. 


Through Leading Ladies, Sarah provides coaching, talent development, and education services to help women (and men) achieve their next level of success, whether that's professional achievement, or personal. As a leadership and success coach, Sarah has helped her clients achieve amazing success from doubling their income, to overcoming personal challenges to experience a new freedom and vision for their lives.


Sarah's emboldens her clients to discover their “why”, and helps them target and achieve radical success to live a life of purpose, success, achievement, and energy. 

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