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Sarah C. Moffat

Empowering people. Inspiring change.

Leading Ladies create opportunities for people and organizations
to succeed, grow, and lead well through coaching, speaking, and workshops.

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Empower & Inspire

At the forefront of change, leadership, and communication, you will find Sarah C. Moffat: An award-winning strategic innovator, engaging speaker, and leadership consultant whose passion for communications and storytelling is tangible from the moment you meet her. Applying her real-life experiences, she conveys how organizations can create opportunities for success and growth through impactful communication and leadership. She provides consultation services for individuals, teams, and organizations that support major change projects, communication, and collaboration initiatives.

Leading Ladies also provides leadership and high-performance coaching to women across the globe – from the PTA parent to the C-suite leader of international firms – with the sole aim of helping women recognize, fill, and thrive as successful, impactful leaders.  


Let's Talk!...

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Feeling Motivated?

Studies indicate that only about 5% of people ever actually realize the goals they set out to achieve. There are likely a number of reasons for this — but a primary factor is lack of focus. Losing focus happens to everyone at some point or another. But when we lose that drive, our motivation is usually next to go.

In Motivated Mornings: How to Stay Focused and Driven Every Day, leadership coach Sarah Moffat explains how to seize that focus, hold onto it, and make the most of it. Get some encouragement to gather and maintain the inertia toward you goals by learning about the source of motivation, how to design motivating goals that captivate your attention, and what to do when your motivation flags. At the heart of book is a crash course on designing a motivating routine to help you meet your goals.

Sarah's most recent contribution to the realm of Motivation and coaching can help you level up! And, if you want a deeper dive and more personalized support, Sarah's here to help. Schedule a free coaching call today! 

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